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Joe Wiz Sports exposed

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Joe Wiz Sports exposed

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Please beware!

I worked for Wiz a few years back so I can tell you every aspect about his business and personal life.

As far as his business:
Joe Wiz would have us solicit potential clients in with text blasts promising something free, for example, the text might read “9 wins in the last 10 bets. Reply 123 for a free pick.”

When a person responded it would be my job to get their info: name, where they bet and how much they can bet. Based on their response, l would sell them a “5 Day VIP” package for anywhere from $149-$499.

If the client was insistent that he/she wanted a free pick, I was trained to feed them a line of bullshit, “the free pick is computer-generated and only hits at 52% but this other game is a can’t lose.”

I would manage these clients generally for about a week or so and then my job was the pass them over to Joe which would mean a bigger investment required from the client. Instead of paying a fixed package price, the client would put up an investment with a return. For example $2500 on the promised return of $10k.

Even if they lost money during their initial “VIP” package, we were trained to provide assurances to the client that this had never happened before, it’s just a string of bad luck and remind them that they will work directly with Joe Wiz. If the client was a bit apprehensive we would immediately schedule a call with Joe Wiz and Joe would close the deal.

This investment cycle will continue until that client is 100% broke. If the client blocks our number, we would contact them under a different company such as The 5 experts or Frank Bailey, but it would be Joe Wiz in disguise. Sometimes Joe’s picks could be hot but a majority of the time they are cold. The best thing for the client is to not sign up in the first place.

Commonly asked questions?

Does every client get the same game? No. On any given night Joe Wiz has about 5 plays that he likes and he will distribute those 5 in some form to every client.
Many clients have accused Joe of siding games. For example, if the Jets and Browns are playing each other, he will never give half the clients the Browns and the other half the Jets.

How does he come up with the games?
You would probably think he does a ton of research, nope. He prints off the handicapper newsletter from the Goldsheet.com. He looks at Covers.com and Scoresandodds.com for stats and trends and like the rest of us, makes a guess.

Despite saying himself, “anyone can analyze stats and trends,” he tells people he gets insider info on games. I’ve worked there for 3 years and I swear to you he doesn’t have any inside info. There are no magic tea leaves.

Is he really on ESPN?
Yes. He’s paid programming which means he is not paid by ESPN, he pays ESPN to be on the radio. At one point his radio show was syndicated in over 2 dozen markets throughout the country. Unfortunately he lost his sponsorship deals with NYRA and BetRivers.

Is Joe Wiz a millionaire?
Absolutely not. The guy lives a modest middle class lifestyle. He purports that he’s very wealthy but those who worked for or around him know the deal.

He is a big financial fraud. He owes the IRS $50k because instead of paying taxes, he would create a new LLC and think he was invisible to Uncle Sam.

His radio show only airs in NYC market because he couldn’t afford all the other markets.

He owes Maridian Properties in Hoboken, NJ nearly $26k in back rent for his Hoboken office.

He owes iheartradio money for a radio spot he never paid out in CT.

Ask him if he can show you his credit score. How does someone give investment advice with a sub-600 credit score.

Please beware. This guy will take your money and not care. We had clients kill themselves over losing their life savings and Joe will send out another text blast in search of his next victim.

His real name is Yosef Wisniewski. He lives at 1500 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. His real name is Yosef Wisniewski. He lives at 1500 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. Joe Wiz Sports is not an actual business. The business name is under Sunshine Advertising LLC located at 34 Newark Ave, Suite 2E
Hoboken, NJ 07030.

https://hudsoncountyview.com/police-jer ... unnel/amp/

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Re: Joe Wiz Sports exposed

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Terrible practices by some of these guys

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