Paul Leiner


 Saturday, October 31, 2020 
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 6 Out of 7 Winning NFL Weeks 
Only 39 Bucks

 My name is Paul Leiner but almost all of you know me as Plein. When you have been around as long as I have and won as much as I have, people tend to just use your nickname.

 Sports is my life. I know it all from trends to facts. I research heavily and it shows from my unbelievable stats. If someone in this business spends more time on this than I do, I sure would love to meet him.

 Every game I release, I personally wager on. It is not just your hard earned money at stake folks, it is mine as well and I take that very seriously.

 I have been involved with playing and following sports my whole life. I have consistently shown a solid track record in College Football, the NFL and especially College Hoops where I have DOMINATED

 I have continued to hold up against the best in the unpredictable NBA and my NBA Totals are the best in the business.

 I have not had a losing football season since I started on this site and that was way back in 2008.

 I am a proven winner and I will make sure all of my clients are winning as well.

 I have 12 years of winning on my side to prove that point